Consulting & Advisory

We have a simple approach towards IT consulting. We recommend what is simple to implement and even simpler to manage. It is easy to implement technologies, but often difficult to maintain and manage them on an on-going basis.

Our successful philosophy has always been ‘Keep it Simple Alex’.


We engage with our clients keeping in mind client’s business objectives, long term and short term goals, growth plans, business maturity and most importantly – business users. However swanky and state of the art systems you deploy, if they are not users friendly, all the effort and monies are down the drain. Most importantly – very difficult to manage ‘user dissatisfaction’


Consulting Model

The Discover Phase

First step to understand the business, is to discover the processes, people interactions, business imperatives and most importantly IT penetration in day to day operations – How dependant is business on IT operations. Discovery phase enables to move to next logical step of ‘Assessment’.

The Assessment Phase

Assessing the existing infrastructure, identifying the gaps and evaluating what can be reused helps in deciding the go forward strategy. Assess whatever is indispensable for the business operations to continue without a trade-off, assess what efforts are required for managing change if new systems and processes are introduced and validate environment variables that could impact the change.


The Strategy Phase

Based on the discovery & assess phase, a detailed strategy map identifies the way forward. Key outputs of the strategy phase includes technology platforms, business apps that need to be retained and replaced, training & Change management requirements, cost & time estimates, IT organization & high level processes.

The Implementation Phase

Implementation phase is the most important phase, detailing the project plans, timelines, critical success factors, defining milestones. This phase the organization’s from strategy and planning mode to transformation mode


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