Linux Specialists is run by a dedicated team based out of Mumbai, India and was founded in 2005. The objective was to assist NGOs, SMEs, Universities & colleges adopt cutting edge IT infrastructure and provide a scalable platform to its users as they grow without incurring significantly large capex and opex.

We promote open-source technologies and contribute to the open-source community through various channels. These contributions in-turn benefit all our clients through better quality technology platforms and support.



Become the firm most known for changing the worldwide perception about open-source technologies through innovation, education, contribution and support


Why Open-source Linux

In today’s age, IT enablement is a necessity for everybody. The extent of IT enablement is a function of ability to learn, implement & sustain apart from commercials associated to it. Neither does everyone have time & inclination to learn, implement and sustain technology nor the financial resources to invest in expensive infrastructures

Our objective is to provide cost effective technologies & infrastructures to organizations providing them platform to launch their activities without getting restricted by the complications of technology, licensing and costs.

By using time tested open-source software applications, the operating costs of IT, can be brought down significantly and maintained at optimum levels. With open source technologies, majority of investments in software are eliminated, thereby scaling up & scaling down of operations is a function of hardware purchase.

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